Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wintertime in Oakland

Liz Z came by and painted, shes in Seattle learning straight old school french academies style.

Mound of bones. Wing Stop, my first time there.

Sketches for a collab piece coming soon. Stay tuned, it's gonna be dope.

Old Chinese pastor, young Chinese pastor

Spying on wreck in Richmond

Dog spying on us spying on wreck in Richmond

I was allowed into the secret headquarters of a mag that shall remain unnamed

Madalyn in England.
Really in Berkeley. A concept I've been thinking about for a long time. Photos of local spots in Oakland or whereever that look like other distant lands and labeling them that. Watch out because I just may start doing that, don't start tripping out, What! Daves in Nairobi! I saw just saw that guy like an hour ago.

I love the cool tones in this shadow.

Jesus came by the church the other night.

Headshot of the son of man. If I were to draw Jesus I'd draw him like this. Expect he probably would've looked nothing like this. I read that the beard would be trim and the hair real short, and the guy was mid eastern, but I've been to Israel and the Jews are all light complexed so I don't know. I wish some frikin artist would tell the truth for once and draw Jesus like he wouldve really historically looked. I'm sick of the Swedish version.
Oh the real story on this guy, Jason is his name. He and his dad go around whereever they open Shiekh Shoes and do the insides of all the stores. They're working on one at the Eastmont mall. Nice dude.

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