Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harmony and Homies

Harmony vs. Daybit Kim (b/c I'm no longer Unco Daybit but am sometimes Monkey Butt)

A collaboration between me and Harmony. She had dope styles I'm gonna steal from, seriously, I even borrowed 2 of her brushes.

Note: Harmony wants to be doctor and then a train in that order, which actually works because it'd be really hard to be a doctor as a train.


Botta's Pocket Gopher


Kangaroo Rat

Done with these hands.

I did these with the leftover paint:

More Things

Starting young
Sketches, directions and notes from while back home:

List of artists to look up later

While in church

Set my crimson tea bag on these directions to Inteligensia Cafe in Silver lake, pen didnt even bleed. Awesome.


what's awesome is that my sister made these pirate costumes for halloween but what even more awesome is my dad made sure there was clear indication that the sword is plastic.

As seen on TV. My sister has the amish heater, it actually works really well. 

Old stick I found, has written on it: Jefrox Gangsters-->Greedy, Moreno, Lil Oso, Tweety. Greedy was killed. 
RIP Greedy

Thanksgiving 2011

Alright, let's try this again.
I went to L.A./Torrance. Reasons I went down: Thanksgiving, food, Harmony, my sister, my parents, friends, uncles, home sweet home, inspiration, ideas, network, memories.

The plan (I make it up when I get there), Side note: I just got this printer/scanner/copier for free with my computer, it's a scam because the ink runs out in few weeks and you'll end up paying 20 times the cost of the printer in a year but the scanner is free so, I love it....scan everything that's 8.5 x 11 or smaller:

This is what happened:

Every Thanksgiving my parents make a feast and bring it to all the people that work for them at the motels they run. My aunt came over and stayed up all night. Thanksgiving morning I ship this stuff over and my uncle and I  allocate it unevenly. Went to aunts in Diamond Bar this year for the feast. Korea town for chicken with Eddie and his Mexican girlfriend - Koreans and Mexicans unite (symbiotic in businesses, my gang, the artists writing letters of ref for me, Harmony, Elaine and me - all great examples). I have a friend who runs a coffee shop in Hollywood but he wasn't there. We took Harmony to the Natural History Museum and ran into the soon to be UCLA massacre at USC. Went to an old high school friends house for lunch. Visited a friend in L.A.  for lunch and a tour of the television studio he worked in. Cruised through Silver Lake to find some tea to settle my meat and spice infested stomach at Inteligensia Cafe. The same day dropped by Johns in Pasadena for dinner and then back for coffee with Pravin, my buddy from high school. 

The "kids" 

Yup that's my "Bike Chick" painting in the back ground.

Note I left my cousin more than 6 years ago. It's like a petroglyph.

The mexican sister of a friends girlfriend just got back from Iraq and was craving Korean chicken


Plan B. Pinks was crowded.

My dad doesn't trust the deadbolt
Koreans believe you live for a 100 years if you eat cactus. 
My mom loved this color. 

Throw Dora cup full of milk into blended strawberry = Harmonys version of Strawberry milk 


A bunch of Koreans I knew in High school and their husbands and kids

Pravin Ugalat
Check out the license plate.