Wednesday, November 30, 2011

L.A. Blog becomes Art Blog

Took a trip down to L.A. no really Long Beach because that's where I flew in to which is in L.A. county but my house, or my parents house is in Torrance, which is still in L.A. county.

Home is a strange place, always. I'm somewhat paralyzed each time I go there. Torn between the sense of responsibility and personal ambition. I guess I could find balance, which is what I did. Sense of responsibility = being family, hanging out with my sister and the baby, checking in on cousins. Personal ambition = I'm trying to art here, so in simplest terms that entails 2 things: 1)being in the cave (studio) getting down and 2)getting out there seeing things, meeting people, networking, collecting a million facebook friends.

The way I see it in this day and age, anybody could be "famous". Everybody has the ability to create a network around them of say (random number) 1,000 people who likes their work and supports it by buying, promoting, seeing it. There's making it big in the world and then there's making your own world to be big in.

So in end it comes down to ambition. How ambitious am I, are you? Ambition to work like a mother and ambition to go out there and work like a mother building your world.

I always thought it was vanity to be ambitious in that way but if the work is good and it's got to be good, something that is compelling, and it brings value to their life then why not buy it, and why can't I ask you to buy it. In the end you, they can always say no. So ask.

Crap this was supposed to be about L.A.. got carried away Ok next one. But anyhow. I'm supposed to be writing daily blogs on my process in the studio. Stay tuned..

If you see this guy around, call the cops, he's a hooligan...

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