Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreams Come True

Dreams come true. Well, half true in this case. I finally finished my first zine ever, it's half the story but a full zine, none-the-less. It's always been a personal goal of mine along with running a marathon (check), surfing the Amazon, going to Antartica, swimming with sharks, and train hopping across America and owning a scroll saw. If you want to see all my styles, thoughts, hurts, history, ideas, fears, struggles, challenges all rolled up in one - it's all there. A limited number for a limited price. 100 printed for this edition and then who knows. With school starting and other things coming in play I may never get to the second half. Half dreams. I used to draw comics when I was a kid (I still have them at home - next time I go back I'll scan them so that they live on in the virtual world even after the moths have consumed the physical version) but never did a complete one. The result of 48 straight hours of drawing plus 8 more after taking a break to sleep only because I started hallucinating and things started moving that shouldn't be. Last time I did this I hit a guy crossing in front of me at a stop sign, can't have that happening again. I became a better drawer by it, 56 hours straight of non stop pencil and ink magic, 106 separate drawings, 212 if you count the penciling I did before inking each. They say practice makes perfect. So you'd think after all this I'd get to rest but nope I ran to the print shop to get it in on time but it was closed for some reason - Damn it, I rewarded (or punished) myself with a double western bacon burger and now I'm back sketching again for a mural I gotta do next week. The fun, forest and fantasy never ends. See you at the fest!

It's so hard to find a nice opaque white pen that actually works, after all this in the end correction fluid wins, with sakura and deco paint pens coming in a not so close second. But those gel pens 3 in from the left work alright too.


Sneak Peek:

Anybody who buys a painting from me  that's at least 40 times the value of the zine minus 10 times the valus of the zine plus 7 times the zines value minus 3 times the zines value minus 9 times the zines value gets a free zine. While supplies last.

September 1st + 2nd, 2012
11am - 6pm
San Francisco County Fair BLDG
in Golden Gate Park


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sketches from Australia

Immediately after graduating from Davis in 2003 (well, almost graduating - long story remind me to tell you later) I hopped on a plane bound for Australia, New Zealand (that's a zed not a zee), and Papua New Guinea - 9 months. In all that time these are all the drawings I did - pathetic - where were my priorities, damn it: having a good - drunk - time, too bad, could've had loads of inspired work. Actually I drew a bunch of dope postcards but those now sit in respective recipients shoes boxes deep in their basements, buried under other boxes collecting dust. (find them they'll be worth money one day)...

mural I was gonna do on the so-called mexican restaurant

sad girl at the bar

trying to get rid of my car

fire behind the sea

got stuff stolen from me

over it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Road Trip - > Portland. Let the adventure begin!

 Always a bad idea:

 ... but it was Kylans birthday. Happy 53rd big boy!

 Creepy pasta (if you dare):

 Lap of luxury:



 Our God reigns:

 What we flew in on:

 Trees in the woods, streets, planters, lawns and walls:

 Automatic, systematic, hydromatic:

Save the Elks!

 Equal opportunity street crossing

 Cousins can be found in Portland

 Gonna be the name of our band:
 Cerberus guarding the flying wreck

 "No, seriously I am James."

 This guy cut my beard:

 Best looking couple there. Hands down.

 Mission Accomplished (the reason we came):
a.d.d. -ie
 Francis Bacon, the British artist not the philosopher, stateman, scientist, jurist, author. started painting in his mid 30s (I'm in my low 30s) then he got super big.
 Ray bans -eskimo style. they wont work for me though.

 Need to get me a pair of these: the original toms right here

 Brother from another mother:
 Supermans oakland:
Neri - def one of the top 5 guys to steal from:

 Powells -