Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sketches from Australia

Immediately after graduating from Davis in 2003 (well, almost graduating - long story remind me to tell you later) I hopped on a plane bound for Australia, New Zealand (that's a zed not a zee), and Papua New Guinea - 9 months. In all that time these are all the drawings I did - pathetic - where were my priorities, damn it: having a good - drunk - time, too bad, could've had loads of inspired work. Actually I drew a bunch of dope postcards but those now sit in respective recipients shoes boxes deep in their basements, buried under other boxes collecting dust. (find them they'll be worth money one day)...

mural I was gonna do on the so-called mexican restaurant

sad girl at the bar

trying to get rid of my car

fire behind the sea

got stuff stolen from me

over it!

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