Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dreams Come True

Dreams come true. Well, half true in this case. I finally finished my first zine ever, it's half the story but a full zine, none-the-less. It's always been a personal goal of mine along with running a marathon (check), surfing the Amazon, going to Antartica, swimming with sharks, and train hopping across America and owning a scroll saw. If you want to see all my styles, thoughts, hurts, history, ideas, fears, struggles, challenges all rolled up in one - it's all there. A limited number for a limited price. 100 printed for this edition and then who knows. With school starting and other things coming in play I may never get to the second half. Half dreams. I used to draw comics when I was a kid (I still have them at home - next time I go back I'll scan them so that they live on in the virtual world even after the moths have consumed the physical version) but never did a complete one. The result of 48 straight hours of drawing plus 8 more after taking a break to sleep only because I started hallucinating and things started moving that shouldn't be. Last time I did this I hit a guy crossing in front of me at a stop sign, can't have that happening again. I became a better drawer by it, 56 hours straight of non stop pencil and ink magic, 106 separate drawings, 212 if you count the penciling I did before inking each. They say practice makes perfect. So you'd think after all this I'd get to rest but nope I ran to the print shop to get it in on time but it was closed for some reason - Damn it, I rewarded (or punished) myself with a double western bacon burger and now I'm back sketching again for a mural I gotta do next week. The fun, forest and fantasy never ends. See you at the fest!

It's so hard to find a nice opaque white pen that actually works, after all this in the end correction fluid wins, with sakura and deco paint pens coming in a not so close second. But those gel pens 3 in from the left work alright too.


Sneak Peek:

Anybody who buys a painting from me  that's at least 40 times the value of the zine minus 10 times the valus of the zine plus 7 times the zines value minus 3 times the zines value minus 9 times the zines value gets a free zine. While supplies last.

September 1st + 2nd, 2012
11am - 6pm
San Francisco County Fair BLDG
in Golden Gate Park


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