Saturday, August 11, 2012


After getting done with the mural on San Pablo which essentially consumed my life for the past 2.5 weeks I needed a nice respite from city life. So we took a trip to Stanislas.
En route we stopped by Outdoor World - the fishermans, hunters, campers, skiers, biker, runner, hikers, archers, paintballer, airgunner, country folks, massmurders paradise. 

It's a jungle in here.

save yourself the messiness of drinking - smoke it instead:

Had to mess up Marks brand new Subaru, let it live a little.

the essentials: watercolor, inks, whiteout, markers, sketch book, journal, book, backpack, brush, zine, spraypaint, book, t-shirt for when we enter civilization.

How to gut a fish:
1)slice from below mouth to the anus
2.)open up and rip out all the guts unless you want to eat that stuff then leave it. the more aggressive the better.
3.)cut the spinal crap cord and scrap it out. again unless you like eating it.

The hoe down.

who needs vegas

I went camping and all I came back with was this poison oak rash, 6 fish, dirty clothes and a well rested soul.
All the sketches I did while away:

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