Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Come Bearing Gifts

The other day I randomly met a fellow artist walking down the street from my studio. We got to talking, he came in and I showed him the latest experimentations I've been working on then we went a couple doors down to his spot and did the same. The typical, "there's nothing finished here to show you." But it turns out he's moving, gonna work some seasonal gigs, make some cash, then figure it out from there, probably be back in Oakland. Oakland's dope. Hard to leave forever. I've dreamed of living the seasonal life, tourist season in Alaska, crabbing even - maybe, probably not, ranch work in South Dakota, Oregon - there's plenty of work out there you just have to go out there and find it in the middle of nowhere. I could use a season of solitude.

Anyhow the guy came by today bearing gifts, the stuff he doesn't want anymore in exchange for nothing.... a beer later and maybe a ride to Oregon?

The glimmering treasure:
Bag O paint

 Illegally acquired stickers

 Pro grade

At first I thought it was weed (which I don't smoke): Dragon strength!
 But, no I get to smoke this birds head instead (which I do smoke)
 For my AK

 Yes!! I've been dreaming of playing with this stuff, have some projects in mind
 Ahhh. A light box. Dreams come true

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