Monday, July 9, 2012


Thus mural consumed 2 and a half weeks of my life straight. Pure dedication. Anticipated dedication. I took 2 days off. These are the things I did to relax during the time:
Watched Snow White and the Huntsman - had no idea Kristen Stewart was the Twilight chick until after, she was a dope Snow Whitey. Prometheus too - had no idea it was the prequel to Alien.

 Meat Locker, Oakland, CA - Literally a meat locker where I saw Moon Pearl and Dash Jacket cook.

Flying kites a mid shoreline smack in the middle of the port.

 Witnessed the Giants ripped a second one by the Cardinals -but the real winners were the seagulls  scavenging all the food we wasteful humans leave behind - I joined in on the fun too - it was like heaven.

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