Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th and MacArthur and Halmoni

4th of July at lake temescal, officially my favorite park, this is the same park Elaine and I threw our 30th birthday, cake fight, there's hiking, swimming, creeks, bbqs, stone skipping - fun forest and fantasy for the whole family.


My first gig after finishing the San Pablo and 35 mural. Doing this art piece on plywood panels with the kids from Shalom of Oakland in the East.

I did this sketch and had them grid out the image on the plywood.

Natasha and Halmoni (where I had my first solo show) had it's one year anniversary. I seriously believe this is a model of what businesses in Oakland should be like - shop owners who are genuinely about getting to know people and building community through events and relationship. Businesses should become hubs /club houses where people can come and hang out and create a positive space that radiates into the surrounding blocks. That's how you start the slow transformation of a community. I'm convinced. 

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