Monday, April 19, 2010

Haiti bound

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s been a while for some of you. Let me know seriously how you are doing. I really want to know and if I knew how to manage my time better and had endless amounts of cash I’d go and hang with all of you.

So a quick update. I’m still up here in Oakland, my third year in the reportedly third most violent city in America. I still work for Regeneration Church, working to help transform community and change the culture that feeds into gangs, drugs, sex trafficking and violence. As a part of that I get to plan and host college and high school groups from as far as Texas who come in see what inner city urban life looks like, with my personal goal being they fall in love as I did and come back to serve here. I'm also involved with the launch of Commuity Rejuvenation Project, a non-profit that aims to beautify Oakland through murals, gardens, cleanup, food, celebration all the while engaging the local communities. I invite all of you to come and visit. It’s honestly not anything like you’ve probably heard, Oakland’s the most beautiful city I’ve ever lived in because there’s such a beauty in people coming together to rebuild the fabric of a broken place. As a part of my job I get to work directly with a lot of these amazing people. It’s so awesome, I really feel fortunate to be where I am but sometimes I feel like I need to get away, so after much thought and prayer I’ve decided that instead of going on a wasteful vacation I’d go to Haiti and serve the needs there. I know I’ll be the one getting served, coming back shifted from the experience but I know that’s something I want to do and bring back to share with all of you.

The details:

May 14-22

I will stay and work in the Kingdom Kids Orphanage/Church in Port Au Prince.

Clean up and work on post quake construction projects.

Support families with rice deliveries.

Serve hot meals in La Saline (a poor neighborhood in Port Au Prince)

Be open and willing to do anything that needs to be done.

And lastly but most importantly spread the love that was unconditionally given to me.


Prayers and encouragement, I seriously can’t do this alone, I am self centered and full of pride. And if you want to partner with me financially, the trip will cost me $1400 total, with $700 going towards room and food for the week, transportation, an outing for the orphanage children, food for a feeding outreach in La Saline and building supplies for a construction project we will do out there. The remaining $700 will go towards airfare.

P.O. Box 10045
Oakland, CA 94610
(made out to Regeneration, memo line: Haiti or Dave)

If you have any questions at all about what goes down in Oakland or the trip to Haiti or you just want to catch up feel more than free to get in touch.


Dave Y. Kim

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