Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day in the Mission

Desi and I went to the city to find free paint in preparation for upcoming murals. The Dump was a fail but we did get some from Precita Eyes, a crap color but 5 gals of it and we know a guy who can tint it for us.

Valentine the lover. From Puerto Rico but he's American twice over because P.R. is U.S. territory and when he came over he pledged allegiance to the flag. 75 years old. Fought in the Korean War. Never been kissed behind the ear because it tickles. Lives at 1169 Alabama, the best street in the Mission.

We rolled down one of the alleys to see if we could find any one in action. Low and behold we find Rafael, fresh 6 months from Nicaragua.

Busting this right here.

This one Desi snapped back in the day, little faded but still running.

We also ran into Mel who was just starting a new piece.

The bathroom at Papalote on 24th and Valencia. I didn't get anything but Desis Soyrizo burrito was pretty tasty.

The Mission is dope.

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