Friday, September 17, 2010

A Typical Day...Maybe

 September 16, 2010

Had to sit there and have the hard talk, told a homeless lady that after multiple chances it just wasn't working out; she wouldn't be able to stay on our front porch anymore.

Spent 3 and a half hours talking to Condodyne (pronounced Kun So) Buzado, one of only 4 woman artists in Uganda. We didn't even get to what we initially met to talk about.

Late Afternoon:
Had long overdue art meeting about the future of Regen Art. Drove my friend Steph home and sat on her porch for an hour waiting for our friends who never showed. I walked away having had good conversation and owning a new painting.

Went to the studio, finished the sketch for Sarah's tattoo and started 4 new paintings.
 Found out my uncle has 6 months to live.

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