Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Small Painting

Done on a pretty small old canvas. 12 x 6. the details in the face I did with some really cheap crayola color pencils in found in the dumpster. No wonder they threw them out but worked for me, better in fact than some really expensive old prisma colors I had, go figure..Well, I bet the prisma work real nice on paper and the crayolas suck. One mans junk is anothers treasure, I'm a firm, firm believer. Because I used canvas the fat pencil tip wouldnt get down past the textured canvas which is why there's the gritty look, it's not just crap pixilation. But I used watercolor washes to put in some flesh tones and smooth out the gritty. Can't go wrong with Pelikan colors, expensive but worth it for sure. I need to go back and get more colors, more options, more flair. And I just used a gel ink black pen for the eyes, super black and clean, perfect for that. In the background, I used cheapo art store brand acrylic for the yellow, had to do a thousand layers, the paint sucked, doesnt stick to the surface, it basically crumbles on and you have to kind of squash it on there. The finished product was nasty. The Liquitex medium magenta went on smooth, like peanut butter, it just feels good, for some of the rays I only needed one layer, a second just for good measure. An universe of difference. Too bad I'm stuck with a crate load of crap art store brand acrylics that I got when I was a broke ass art student. I never skimp on materials anymore, it pays to pay. My advice to you.

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