Monday, August 8, 2011

Haiti Again?

I was in Haiti a year ago, May of 2010. It was the toughest place I've ever been. Upon return I knew I wanted to go back and form a long term relationship with the people, with the country work towards change. I wasn't quite sure how but there was a girl I was there with, she had the same idea. The thought was we'd return and collaborate to create a nonprofit that would help a specific slum village there. I was on board until I realized there are some people you can only be friends with and not business partners. My friends dad always warned of the distinction, and keeping that sacred. So she continued with the venture as I decided to figure out another way I could be involved with Haiti. I recently had a random wondering about the organization she started so I went on her website and saw that it hadn't gone very far. I'm not sure what that means, there just wasn't a lot of money raised towards the project. I haven't talked to her so it could be anything. It sparked nothing. But today I saw this article in Rolling Stone and the flame was reignited. Another tug in this time of transition that I'm not sure what to do with.

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