Thursday, May 13, 2010

Close Call

I was home this past weekend for my nieces first birthday and I haven't been home for so long that I forgot how dysfunctional my family was. I was reminded first thing in the morning as my mom was yelling at my dad for buying more stocks had probably lose lots of money on again. Anyhow I could go on and on about all the ways my family dysfunctions and just be patient because I will, you just wait but for now I just wanted to tell of why it's a miracle that I'm still here today.

So after a few days of dysfunction I was about ready to haul ass out of there and back to the peace and serenity of Oakland. But I decided to stay another night, baby sitting my niece really helped there. So the next morning at 6 I take off. I have the day off and I really wanted to enjoy the drive and take the time to process through the things I've dealt with the past 3 days. So I decide to take the 1 all the way back, a much longer but so much more scenic and enjoyable as it goes right along the beautiful Pac coast. This is where it gets crazy.

I'm just past Salinas and I hear the loudest sound of impact against my windshield I've ever heard. I look up to see if I could identify the source to no avail. The assassin could not be located. There a was a small bullet like crack in my windshield. It was aimed so perfectly that if it had fully penetrated the glass it would have hit me directly in the heart..instanteous death. Thank you Nissan glass division. It could've easily been a pebble launched out from truck tires but I'm convinced that I was the target of an assassination attempt. Why? I don't know. I have few enemies out there. Maybe some one is jealous of my beard. I've encountered life threatening situations in the past but this was definitely the narrowest escape, the closest call.

After getting over the initial shock of it all. I closely examined the tiny crater and decided I could live with it. Then I looked down just for a moment to change out the CD only to look up and find that a 4 inch crack had magically appeared. I knew it was over at that point. Every day since then the crack slowly grows about an inch a day. I could only watch helplessly as this invader creeps slowly across to the right on my windshield. Damn it!

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Alice said...

jealous of your beard indeed!