Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movement Deferred

There was once a dream. A dream one young man had of after finishing his internship he would buy a campervan for a year and live out of it a life of constant adventure. He grew excited and was determined. He would look up vans and even go to far places to examine those he might want to purchase. In his passion for the cause he would talk about the potential and all the wonderful things that would happen. His ardor was contagious and soon the others were catching this zeal for the campervan vision. The dream that was originally one man with one van soon became a vision of a caravan of vans. There were commitments and everyone was ready to follow the original dreamer and actualize this dream. Then a few of the excited men left for a weekend and during that time a mysterious woman showed up in town. And the dreamer was enchanted by this woman. He told her of his dream and she shared her dislike for (in her opinion) the faulty idea. It was obviously flawed (in her selfish mind) because there was on room for her in the mans caravan of vans. It would be a rough life of adventure and too much for her tender mind and heart. Now the men who left came back from their adventure and to their dismay found that the dreamer had bought not a van but a race vehicle. He later explained that race vehicles were more suited for the tender. And with that the great Campervan Movement of Oakland died. And the mystery woman left the dreamer to go back to her world of healing and the dreamer was left with nothing but his race vehicle and no place to lay his head..


justinhong said...

this made me cry.

"There was a dream/and one day I could see it/like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it"

elo said...

dude. that's what happened?!
man.. that's sad.

"if you won't give my heart back then i've no need to stick around"