Monday, November 8, 2010

A Typical Sunday....Maybe

November 7, 2010

Early Morning:
Went dancing at a New Wave club for Sarahs Birthday. Haven't done that in a long time. Years. So much fun. Love the 80s and dancing.

Raining. Parked my car on the street next to a prostitute. Commented on how she was working on a rainy day. Brought her a large bag of leftover Halloween candy, spoke to her briefly. Went to church for service and to do the announcements. Following service talked to a few people then attended Marks class.

Still raining. Drove to Berkeley for counseling class. Took personality tests, my results were 2 types that are diametrically opposed, basically I'm lying to myself or I don't know myself - doing something called masking. I'm deeply disturbed. I have to take it over again and discover the real me. Ask my mom perhaps.

Late Afternoon:
Met with a young guy I'm discipling, his learning disability makes conversation challenging but I've learned to grow patient. Trying to convince him to take steps towards independence and personal growth. He agrees but can't get past the barriers. I can relate.

Exhausted. Evening service. Did my rambling announcements, hopefully it was halfway coherent. It's on video, I'll need to check it later. Dreadful. My friend visited for the first time. Talked to her for a bit. Went out as a large group to In and Out for Nates birthday. The entire restaurant sang to him.

Found out my uncle passed. Cancer. Lived longer than the predicted 1 month. Double that.

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