Sunday, January 29, 2012

Los Angeles 2011 ---->2012 Part Deux

In an attempt to redeem the disappointing Torrance Art Museum visit took a trip to Chinatown L.A> art fix> to find that art had abandoned the place. Hadn't been there since I was a kid.
All the galleries are gone, only tons of empty store fronts. I could only image how dope it was in its hay day, contemporary art  juxtaposed against all the original chinese signage, architecture & history.
But we did find a hold out, this shop called the Flock Shop, got our art fix there:
Chinese Mob secret headquarters:
"Mafia Members Only" is what they really mean:
I could feel the ghosts in this old jazz club, where we drowned our sorrows with grape juice & 7up:
Later that night we went to Universal City Walk. A change of scenery after being in C-town, from the desolate to completely packed tourist trap. But they have a Pinks there so we went for the famous dogs. Quick story from the last time I was there: I think there were like 20 of us, this was back in high school. We stood out, obvious members of a gang. Security rounded us up and sat us down on a curb and systematically photographed and questioned each of us. "Are you guys KP?" "No, man, Jefrox." "What  do you do?" "You know regular gang stuff; hit up the hood, gang bang, kick it." I was pretty dumb. The funny thing was all these tourists were taking pictures of us as if we were props in this fake Hollywood world. They came to L.A. to experience the movies it was famous for and got to see the gangs it was infamous for. And then this army of security personnel escorted us to my moms Ford Aerostar, watched us illegally pack it in like clowns (20 dudes in a minivan) and waited until we drove off.

The next Torry:
New Years Eve went to Thomas and Susans for some lunch:
Then later to Vin and Graces for dinner:
Vin sitting in front of a portrait he dad of his dad (the NY bus driver) - that's Vin 20 years from now:
Then to Korea town for Dessert:

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