Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trip to L.A. 2011-> 2012: Into the New Year, Part Uno

Don't usually fly but sometimes the deals are irresistible: 
My dad is awesome, eats chocolate, fruit, meat, veggies, rice, soup, cereal, cookies all at the same time but doesn't touch the Kimchee - ulcers. But then he works out like Bruce Lee everyday - he's ripped. More ripped than his young son, who's actually chubby at the moment.

My parents for some odd reason have this awesome stein collection above their kitchen cabinet. I never really noticed I think because it was so out of context. Anyhow I'm gonna drink a beer out of each, that's the plan. But then there's that Korean wooden gnome guarding the collection, he says it's cool as long as I share.

Korean moms are tough..

We dropped by the Torrance Civic Center to see the new Torrance Art Museum, yes you heard right, Torrance Art Museum TAMmie for short. I was doubtful but I heard they curate great shows so we went only to be disappointed - "Closed" even though according to the hours posted they should've been open, closed and dusty. This also happens to be the site where I first encountered oil paints @ 13 my mom put me in this class with a bunch of "old" people. They were probably in their 20s and 30s. It's all perspective, I'm old to some junior high kid for sure...

My first oil painting ever, I don't remember who it's of. I do still remember the teacher and the lessons she taught me, I owe her my life.

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