Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Catching up today with a friend:
The same night of his moms funeral his long time girlfriend cheated on him or at least that's the first time he found out about it. Soon after he got a DUI for which he might need to spend 10 days in jail due to the fact that he couldn't get to the classes he was ordered to take because his dads car broke down. Around the same time he saw on television his friend, a U.S. marine, get his head chopped off by the Taliban - he cried and puked. He lost his job so he's hoping for unemployment soon, sometimes they don't eat, probably will have P.B. and J for dinner. To top it off his best friends girlfriend got back from a trip with the news that she got married to someone she met while over there - they were together 10 years.

Sounds made up but it's all true.

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