Monday, April 30, 2012

Box Painting

The process:
Steph and I went in knowing only 2 things that it would a be colorful piece and secondly, that we wanted images of people, preferably of those in the surrounding community. So on day one we went at it, attacking the box with a fury so colorful it was blinding, the great thing was as we were working on the box curious onlookers started coming around and as they did we took pictures of them. On day two after we'd laid down the base layer of shapes and color we started looking for places to fit the faces and started inserting those strategically. Day three, a friend came by and suggested a reflective layer in the back so we incorporated that too. In the end the final product was just as much about the journey as it is about the completed piece - the box lives in and is composed of the community around. 

We were offered so many things, we didn't accept all of them, mind you: In and Out burger, a shot, a beer, bathroom, a charge for the laptop, 20 bucks, a pair of pears, a pulled pork sandwich, homemade carrot cake, a bagel sandwich, water, something from creative reuse, weed, gatorade, a car (just kidding about the car).

A lot of people came by and said things, this was my favorite, not sure what it means but:

"Artists are like the kids God liked the most."

So I asked him his name as he walked away.
"Yo, what's your name?"

"Paul, like the apostle."

"Dave, like the king."

Me and Juan

Gave us 20 bucks for lunch and when I tried to refuse said, "I'm the same as your mom."

Steve "Wheats Fields" - because he was painting wheat fields in his room. 

On the way to Y - M - C - A

Just off from the Red Cross

"Don't have to worry about everything that is wrong. God is taking care of it. Be blessed."

He asked for money for his birthday. I asked what day it was. He didn't know. I said I'll buy you a sandwich because you're hungry not because its your birthday. 

He said some wise things but the thing that jumped at me was "You're either busy dying or bring born. We gotta be born again everyday."

This guy hooked us up.

Virginia Everett - 3 score and 4 plus - of Everett and Jones BBQ with her daughter and family.

This guy kept wanting me to invest in his business - dude I just paint.

...of the not yet but soon to be famous Kunchtry Bwoys!

Then the surgeon came and showed us the guts.

 It could go into all sorts of configurations. It was rad. Door half open, both open. half closed..the possibilities were endless. 

Other side doors open. 

Even the telephone guys leave their mark on the inside.

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