Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Imogen Heap

I like this. I was first introduced to Imogen Heap by an old friend of mine, she had discovered her at the concert her friend took her to. I still have the CD that belongs to her. If you haven't heard of her she did that song called "Let Go" as Frou Frou from the movie Garden State. Anyhow I just got a chance to listen to her latest album and it's pretty sweet, I was reminded. I like the images in the CD booklet and the lyrics are good too. I remember her description of the concert; she pretty much does it solo with recorded beats, live recording which she plays back right then as part of her song and synthesizer machines and maybe occasionally someone would join in to provide some additional background. I've seen someone do that once live..it's amazing. I don't usually splurge on shows but I think I would for one of hers.
Oh, she's self produced, writes her own stuff and self promotes...which makes it even better.

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