Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oakland Crime

So I've been living in Oakland, just on the east side of the lake, Oakland has it's rep but this neighborhood is supposedly up and coming, working class, but we do have our share of crime.
Let's take a look at all that I've encountered since I moved here in Sept 07:

-caught two teenage kids sneaking out from our backyard, didnt get it at first but later went back and saw a used condom on the ground.
-got my laptop taken from inside my place.
-got my camera taken from the movie theater, but this was in Emeryville.
-Tim got his car jacked and totaled.
-Nate got his radio stolen from his civic.
-someone walked in stole Daphnes purse.
-Someone took Elaines wallet out of her bag inside the cafe.
-black dude in suit got beat and mugged in the parking lot.
-Ritch got his catalytic converter taken right off the bottom of his car.
-got hit by taggers, all toys by-the-way.
-one of the neighbors got her car shot twice, but that was down the street.
-Madalyn got her car broken into.
-Sasha got her house broken into.
-a bunch of laptop snatchings from inside of Woodys cafe.
-Asian kid got shot in the Luckys lot 2 blocks over.
-and the Finale, I got mugged at gunpoint in the lot 2 days ago.

This is life in Oakland.

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