Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things Taken

Wallet (metal card case) contents:
Silver Screen Video frequent renter card
AAA membership card
debit card
credit card
debit card
credit card
debit card
debit card
Costco card
Calif Drivers License
Kaiser Permanente Med Ins.card
Artist and Craft Supply receipt

Back pack (light green Northface Recon II day pack) contents:
pair of black Mountain Hardware gloves
pair of black heavy duty work gloves
coin pouch - $15.00 worth of quarters
2009 planner notebook
2010 planner notebook
mail - some retrieved
color wheel - retrieved
set of walkie talkies in package
DVD Blockbuster - Twilight
Samsung phone charger
Walking Through the Bible book
flat head screwdriver

this is the list I sent the OPD.

I'm consistently looking for things that I realize later were in the backpack, just today I realized that the screw driver and the fancy notebook that was a gift to me were in the back pack. There were some notes in there that I wanted. In the end I only want certain sentimental things back. Like the notes and my planner.

Oh yeah Twilight-don't ask. It was horrible anyways, so bad it elicited some anger. They did waive the lost fee after I showed them that I'd been robbed. Blockbuster definitely gets points for customer service.

The reason some of the items say 'retrieved' is because after calling all my banking institutions and finding out exactly what ATMs they went to, I drove out there in hopes of finding something. We got there saw nothing initially then underneath the wheel of the car I see a color wheel, familiar but out of context, takes me a sec to realize that we parked on the very spot they did - a little bit eerie at first but exciting like Sherlock Holmes. And then around the corner at the next one I found some of my mail twirling in a mini cyclone on the sidewalk. That's it.

Oh and a few days later the cops called to tell me they found some homeless dude with my Kaiser card, claimed he was me. That's the funniest part, black dude saying he's David Young Kim. Adopted perhaps. Let him have it, it's replaceable.

Top 5 Things I'd like back:
1)2009 planner

Now I only carry my drivers license and one debit card on me wrapped in a rubber band maybe 20 bucks in cash on a good day but probably closer to 10.

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