Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I got up at 9:00 today. I normally hate getting up past 8, it would ruin my day but I've gotten used to it. It's so damned cold, i mean I even had the opportunity to get up at 7:30 when my bladder forced me to run downstairs to empty it but I got right back into the warmth of my bed. Given I did go to bed at 2:30 still I like getting up early if at all possible, but if I go to bed late this usually only happens in theory. I believe I can get along just fine with minimal amounts of sleep. I can't stand the cold it makes me weak and shiver and somewhat lazy too, or more paralyzed than lazy. I can see easily why animals hibernate for the winter.

Anyhow so I had this dream last night and the thing about my dreams is that they reflect pretty much exactly the things that are most heavy on my mind. They are nearly never a mystery.

This was my dream last night, the bits and pieces I can remember:
I just left some kind of lecture. I see an attractive girl walking away I don't think i even see her face, just long straight black hair. All the people who were just in lecture migrate over to some sort of movie theater. On the way over some girl asks me my age, I tell her 30, then I ask why and she says something like because anyone over a certain age I can date, I was eligible, I then leave and walk over to the ticket booth, looks more like an information desk. One of the guys manning the booth recognizes me, I talk to the guy for a second, I dont know about what, then head into the theater. As i walk in I notice the old style swing down theater seats are arranged in circles, in a way so that people can have conversations in small groups. I also notice on the screen there are pics of my art work on the screen running through like ads before a movie. I think I sit next to some guy I knew. Time passes, I don't even remember if we see a film but there is a clear end because everyone is leaving the theater en mass, as we leave there's a preview for a horror flick playing behind us, a few of us plug our ears to block the sound. I later end up at someones apartment, white walls, the guy is a good guy. He's a good person to know, he is somehow loosely connected to the mob as some sort of gun for hire not to carry out any crime, but as protection.

So here's the interpretation, it's all symbolic:
The Lecture = the message I'm going to give this Sunday in front of the congregation
The attractive girl = relationship issues I've been dealing with
Asking of age = relationship thoughts and my recent 30th birthday
Desk guy = I've been networking a lot with people in regards to my artwork
Art on screen = I think a lot about how to share my art with a wider audience
Movie theater = I've seen movies lately
Seating set up in circles = how to promote community is something I'm constantly thinking about
Plugging ears = I don't like horror flicks, I've seen a horrorish scene recently that haunts me
The good guy = networking within the community, not all are completely clean, some are connected on the streets, even I keep acquainted with some writers (graff artists)

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