Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mysterious Car

So we're walking down geary st in sf and we see this car parked along the curb. we first notice that the entire front of the car is caked in mud but think nothing really of it. then we get to past it and see that the back window is completely shattered out. So we were going to call the cops but then we look closer and both license plates are missing and we find that right front wheel is completely shoved in, meaning the car was dropped off there and wasnt driven there. inside you could see that the car seats were completely soaked, plus there was definitely moisture all over the entire ground underneath and flowing from the car. its still a mystery but we basically surmised that the car was partially or completely submerged at some point and possibly the back window was bashed in to pull out the occupants during some rescue attempt and then for some reason it was towed and dropped off here. could it have something to do with the mob? we opened the door and popped the trunk just in case there was a body back there, we found nothing but shampoo.

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