Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great News and NY

So you know how I submitted a piece for that Yelp show I mentioned earlier well, I got word yesterday that "they are delighted to inform me that I have been selected to display my piece".
Yup so that's the good news. Except I'll be in NY when they have that planning meeting-I'll have to sort that out somehow. did I mention I'm going to Ny, Ny. Flight's today at 4pm and I haven't packed a thing. Although I did get the day off work but I have like 4 hours to get this list of 25 items fulfilled..I wanted to get some studio time in- but that may not happen. We'll see. And why am I sitting on the computer when I have things that need to get done-no idea. Okay gotta go..But I do want to make it a personal goal of mine to at least draw one thing or write something everyday-to keep the creative juices oozing. So If dont make it to the studio today at least I've recorded my thoughts. There- justified.

I just figured out how to post images on this thing. Sweet. check mark on that Note to Self.
So this is the piece, I'm still tweaking with the two characters to the right but this is basically it.

Here's the blurb I submitted with it-it's to do with a SF community theme:

"The piece is actually a moment that happened not long ago. It was the day of Bay to Breakers. My room mate and I walked out of on to our back balcony and find our neighbor below enjoying the warm sun after running the race. Then our neighbors adjacent from us appear and we have this sort of 3 way chat going. It's all symbolism. My neighbor downstairs is a lesbian and the ones adjacent are a hetero couple-so the sexual diversity of SF. The way I can see 5 or 6 different yards from my balcony and have 2 different conversations at the same time talks about the physical closeness of the homes compacted in the limited space. The sun in Sf is so rare that when its out all the people emerge from the depths-neighbor sunbathing. Bay to Breakers speaks of the how awesome our city is to sponsor so many great community events and it creates this festive atmosphere in the entire city. And the dog-San Franciscans love their dogs. All symbolism. "

I'm quoting myself-can I do that?

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Tina Chang said...

I'm your harshest critic so I'll just say it: I hope you didn't submit that exact blurb. You have a lot of typos. Otherwise, painting evokes emotion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes? I behold and what I see and what this painting symbolizes to me is quite different from what others will see. This I am quite certain. As curious as you might be, I will not publish those thoughts here on this forum. Nevertheless, back to my original point: Evoking emotion is good, thereby making this an excellent piece of art. Well done. =0)