Friday, October 15, 2010

The Greatest Radio Station that Ever Lived!

It's been confirmed once again. KOST 103.5 is hands down the greatest radio station ever! KOIT doesn't even come close. This is affirmed each time I get back of the best things about L.A. in my opinion. I don't even know why I question the dominance. I'll hop in the car and drive just so I could listen to the radio and then when I get to my pretend destination I'll sit there in the car getting my fix of Love Songs on the KOST.....and you get the weather too. "It's 74 degrees along(pause)the KOST."

I grew up on this stuff. My "heart music" I think is what it's called. Some of the songs are my story as if I wrote them myself. I can relate to these guys, and they to me. They have been with me through the good times and the bad; they cried with me in times of heartbreak, kept me company in hours of traffic, guided me through puberty, brought excitement to long roadtrips, helped ease the pain of moving...they've journeyed with me through much of my life. They're like family.

Here's a little taste. Be forewarned you might not be able to take it all in in one sitting. It's powerful stuff:

This right here is quality music. Classics.
Could be a dope mix tape....

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elo said...

dude. you're right. i couldn't make it through all in one sitting. my keyboard was too full of tears.