Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My 2 Hours with Marilyn

Didn't know much about her before the movie. Other than a magazine article I read about her in Vanity Fair (is this a womens or mens magazine? I could never tell - it was in the bathroom) delving deep into her diary.
She was troubled..

Help Help
I feel life coming closer
when all I want 
Is to die.

You began and ended in air
but where was the middle?

..and poetic.

We didn't even plan on watching it but when we got to the theater My Week with Marilyn was the one showing the soonest. I wanted to see Descendents. But the movie was good. Michelle Williams is a great actor, I've never met Marilyn but it seemed just like her. She had hot and talented going for her, Marilyn not Michelle.

And there were inspiring things.
Like this awesome commercial shown during previews:

The tickets modified:

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