Thursday, December 8, 2011


My life has changed drastically since going on leave and starting to paint full time. I was doing personal admin work in the studio but soon realized I'd rather separate admin and painting because it gets too distracting and there's something about keeping a space purposeful or sacred. So I now go somewhere most mornings to do stuff on my computer, read, write but I haven't really found a good spot here in Oakland. I did go to Urben Blend a few times but parking's a drag sometimes and the ambience is just alright. Starbucks was cool but on Sunday mornings, super crowded, walked in and right out. Found solace at Colonial Donuts across the street, plenty of space and pretty distraction free but no WiFi, except I did catch Starbucks' network but it only lasted a few minutes. Gave Rooz on Park a shot, but it was also pretty crowded and I have to buy something - I have to do that for all the places, which adds up, I'm not even a coffee drinker - I don't mind. Finally decided the main library with it's newly installed WiFi would be a good spot, which was true except there are few tables with access to an outlet.  Oh and sometimes I go to Carls Jr on Broadway for a quick breakfast, the sunlight's always good, plenty of room, never crowded but unfortunately no WiFi.

So the search continues. .

On my way to the library I saw this girl cross the street in front of me.

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