Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dr. Dave

So a few months back my mom calls me and she's like:

"Dav-it you want to go to Italy with me? I want to go but if no one comes with me I'm not going."

Why of course. I have time on my hands now that I run my own schedule and if my mom really wants to go and if that means me sacrificing my time, then be it, gosh darn it. All expenses paid of course. Which is always a given when it comes to the parentals. Oh this reminds me - side note: I was at this small concert and this girl had this denim cut off jacket on that has scrawled across the back: Fuck the Rich. I kept staring at it, thinking about it because it was in my visual path to the stage. Then I realized I could never say that because my parents are well... . . .. they do okay for themselves. I dont know if they're quite rich but they definitely lean towards that. And I could never say fuck my parents. Maybe if I was on some adolescent rebellious rage trips, but not now, never. (I never did as a teenager by the way) Maybe that girl was teenage. I asked her if I could take a picture and she said she had to go pee. I dunno. Sorry, long digression. 

So we're all excited planning for this trip upcoming in mid March: 

Who's buying tickets? Can you buy mine for me, David? When you going to New York cuz we have to fly out of there anyways? I want to stay in NY longer because I've never been, David can you plan the stay there I'm starting to get worried should I call the travel agent? Did you see the email your passport expires too soon, you gotta get it renewed. Did you get your passport renewed? Mom, I bought my and your ticket, check your email. Mom, I talked to some friends and I almost have a plan for our stay in NY and an inexpensive place to stay. David, you're leaving for NY too soon, you need to call them and tell them to mail the tickets to me instead of you. Where in Italy are we going? Have you been? 

It was to be a pilgrimage. Lots of historical sites. Florence I've been to. The rest - Rome, Verona, Milan, Venice never. 

Then today I get this email:

"With heavy hearts, we bear the news that Dr. Dave Reid was called home to heaven in a skiing accident, Tuesday, January 31. While we're still trying to absorb the news, we're comforted that he is now in the presence of the Lord. We're so thankful he left a legacy of Bible teaching so his ministry will continue into the future."

What a trip. We've been planning this for months and the guy who's supposed to lead the pilgrimage suddenly dies. He was like my moms hero. He wasn't even dying age. Whatever dying age is, I suppose you could die at any age. I don't know what this means for the trip, I could go either way. I'm just tripped out by the suddenness. Whoa....

R.I.P. Dr. Reid. and by that I mean R- enjoy I - gods P - presence. i know the acronym doesn't work but who cares. I couldn't think of one. 

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