Monday, February 13, 2012

Krav Maga

It always starts with some outside impetus.

My friend Abram a year ago gives me a groupon for 10 lessons at the local Krav Maga studio, of course it takes me a year, literally 12 months plus a few day extension because they happened to be closed the last day I could redeem it. Anyhow so I get in about 6 classes trying as many as I can: the traditional Krav, the cardio combat, TRX (hands down the hardest thing I've ever done - not going back), kettle bells, they have boxing and grappling too but I need to get gloves and my back is jacked so I need to wait. I was hooked though. I did martial arts in high school (I used to teach) and I've always wanted to go back plus I was getting fat from 3 months of inactivity - so now I'm a member. Love it. Completely kick ass and practical - the last class we practiced with knives albiet rubber, but still. You actually use real knives as you rank up. Plus Krav Maga being the official martial art of the Israeli special forces I get to legitimately sport a shirt with hebrew on it. "Ha, look at that asian kid with a hebrew shirt" "What punk I'll Krav Maga your ass!"

So I'm going to start drawing all the lessons just so I dont forget (But I'm trying to spend as little time as possible on them so the quality will be just that - crap) Giving away all the deepest darkest secrets for free while I pay - it isn't cheap. Worth it though. I had buyers remorse afterwards. Anything is worth it if it's something you value and ass kicking is one of mine. But it's all about conditioning and muscle memory. Which you clearly don't get from reading a computer screen, unless you're doing it while running in place.  It's really about out stamina-ing your opponent and practicing as if it the situation were real. When we do drops we do them on concrete. The story goes a Krav lady successfully disarmed a gun welding assailant but them handed it right back because of muscle memory while training, you know the back and forth. The way you train matters.

Here are the first 4: