Monday, February 13, 2012

A Show in Oakland - March 2nd

Got my first solo gig coming up on March 2nd.

Friday, March 2, 2012 7:30 - 10pm

Dave Young Kim - Don't Take It Personally

Halmoni Vintage
1601 2nd Ave
Oakland, CA 94606

"Stepping into Dave Young Kim's studio, you might see him studying an image
– or see him recalling an image or an instantaneous gesture seen prior.
Activity replays as if he's able to mentally scrub through a video timeline,
and the lit nuances are grasped, bringing to mind da Vinci 's definition of
mastery and usage of light and tension. It's as if from a still image Dave
Young Kim is able to intuitively orbit around the object to study the "flat"
image from multiple points of view in synthetic perspective. I am no more
impressed watching him work as I am seeing him study. Dedication drives the
moments, thus momentum results from a series of meaningful encounters,
whether they are imagined or actual. He may speak comfortably, or may be
silent, and whether focused or entirely at ease, David Kim is working...
he's on it... thriving in the creative domain... integrating experience as
if amassing kinetic energy to release as kinetic power in the form of art.
His paintings and works are a rich addition to almost any contemporary

What matters most as we live out our lives? What drives us and compels us
toward timeless qualities? What inspires us to connect with others? How can
raw gesture compel tears? Spend time with the art of Dave Young Kim and be

- Christian Karl Janssen

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