Tuesday, December 11, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 10: Dec 10

My favorite Christmas memory just a memory:

I don't have a specific one but I do remember the times way back when when the entire family congregated in one place, the happy times. I was the oldest, the one boy for a long time until others came, my mom one of five - her siblings each married & had 2 kids - that made 10 of us. And then there were my grandparents and Peter the son of my moms aunt and my other cousins - 4 of them. And then Moses the other cousin. I honestly dont know how exactly we were related but it didn't matter, just that we were and that we were all there together. And the guitar would come out and the adults would sing and some of the kids were hyperactive, and there were different sub divisions in every room. The anti social ones hiding watching television, some playing the piano, the men in the dining room, old folks in the den, kids upstairs, the women in the kitchen annex. I didn't know where to go, with the kids? the adults? I just roamed and was happy there was life everywhere. Then the divorces happened and we rarely saw those cousins bc they lived with their moms, then some moved away to different states, then the deaths, first my grandparents (the ones who held everything together), then my uncles, then came the infighting and other things. Now we've dwindled from that robust 50. I still dream of those days, I honestly do, scheme of ways to bring everyone back together, the only thing I can think of was my wedding but my cousins some of them won't be there for various reasons. So my dream lies deferred. Another day. Maybe my funeral except I wouldn't be there to enjoy it. I need another plan - fame.

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