Thursday, December 6, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 6: Dec 6

I got my suit a few days ago in the mail and it's short. Took it to the tailor and she says never go online because in order to really custom fit something you need human interaction. When I got home I found out machine actually cut the suits based on the numbers you give them in terms of measurements. So even if I were to talk them in person I would only be talking to a machine. Anyhow we're counting down and so I know I only have 22 days to find a new one. They do have a tailor credit, so I could essentially take it to a local tailor on their bill but she can't do anything about a short jacket. And there is the perfect fit guarantee which means to could send it back and get a remake but there's a 4 week turn around so I'm screwed. I look like a man in a child's suit, I can't get married looking like a child. Men's warehouse here I come. I'm supposed to be writing a final paper and all I could think about is this suit situation. Tomorrow I wanted to bust masterpieces but I have to go shopping - torn from my favorite thing to do to doing my least favorite.

M-Day Advent Calendar:

From door 6 emerges:

this guy!