Tuesday, December 25, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 23: Dec 23

Commitment in my book is the ability not to run.
It's like creating a circle, or entering a room or a jungle and entering into that place, you know about it, wanted to go there, intentionally went there knowing that there are great things inside, but also hearing about things you havent encountered yet. Then you're hanging out and you all of a sudden get scared because the trees start to look different and there are weird animals sounds you're never heard before, and it smells funny or just different (it may even be fragrant), the ground crackles in ways you've never felt, and the easiest thing to do is run away and not do it, and you're scared and uncertain as you walk in further and all your fears start to emerge (even though you like to think of yourself as brave) and you realize you don't like the heat so you want to leave and sometimes it gets too cold but you don't run, you stay and figure out how to stay warm and cool and you deal with your fears and just get used to the smells and weird trees, learn how to live in this new environment, it's challenging, you cry, and you hate it, can't do it, feel very uncomfortable but if you decided to leave you would never be forced to deal with these things, and you slowly grow, and change, become someone stronger, braver, smarter, deeper. You don't even realize it as it happens but it does.

I didn't end of having a bachelor thing of my own but I did go to another friend's who's getting married soon after me, I was grafted into that one and I liked everyone who was there so.

M-Day Advent Calendar:

On the 23rd day:

In this room I slept:
the one where your clothes get clean

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