Saturday, December 8, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 8: Dec 8

I'm a lucky guy. I can't believe a bastard like me scored such a great girl. I don't know how half the guys got the girls that they did. Guys are slimy sometimes without even knowing it but honorable but slimy.
(I like dance music and Florence and now Harris after hearing his interview on NPR)

I'm one of them. Sometimes I feel like a child trying to cope with the realities of life. She's so patient, unbelievably so, and doesn't need to be a mom now right now, she can be that when we actually have kids. The more I think about this and her I think about me. I have issues still. Lots of them. The more you experience life the more issues you have, I feel like. And I've experienced my share. And I want to experience more. That's part of it. Working through this stuff. Being honest with yourself and then you can talk about it honestly. Don't be scared or embarrassed. Otherwise it stews and stew goes bad when it sits in the pot forever.

M-Day Advent Calendar:

On the 8th day:

examine yourselves

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