Sunday, December 9, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 9: Dec 9

Dead tired, falling asleep every time I'm still for a moment, I snuck up to the balcony of church and passed out there - they said there was someone snoring during the sermon I'm pretty sure it was me, going off of zero hours of sleep in the past 2 days, up all night prepping for my Open Studios at Mills. Which I didn't invite a single person to because I felt like I had nothing to invite them to, then at like 4 in the morning when I started having stuff I regretted it, not so much to show what I had but more as an update on my life - "this is what I've been up to - look". I work fast and well under pressure, it's crazy the amount of work I could produce in a day under pressure versus a leisurely month. I'm a terrible planner so having plenty of time stresses me out but stick me in a foxhole and things start to happen. It's nice having someone around you all the time because they see this stuff about you and verbalize it, things that I've already noticed about myself but the verbalization makes it real.

I feel strong and confident about being in the MFA program for the first time since starting a few months back, after the marathon session last night, coming up with all that new work (lot of refining required but it's a good start) - it's now the end of the first semester - about time.

Just passed out in the restaurant too. 

M-Day Advent Calendar:

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we feel safe watching from behing the fence

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