Saturday, December 1, 2012

Turning Over a New Leaf

After the crap weekend over thanksgiving where I did nothing productive. I started school with a vengeance, woke up all early feeling good, like I was going to do stuff and conquer world, ate breakfast, even packed my lunch and decided I was going to start working out. Motivated by my lard ass, but more the fact that I'll be sitting on the secluded beaches of the yucatan at some point soon, but even more motivated by the memories of the weekend where I had lists of stuff to do but ended up doing very little. So, inspired I changed into my work out gear (board shorts (since I got my balls smelly workout shorts stolen - how's that for nice a surprise - you, car breaker iners) and a old painted t-shirt) charged to school, ran to the gym ready to lift some weights. Only to find the gym closed. Who closes between the hours of 9am - 12? Damn it! I havent lifted in years - seriously. This could've been my return but now I might never come back, way to go, you gym schedulers. Why are your hours so weird? I actually asked someone that. There's a limited budget apparently. I'd done research too, had my week schedule all written down - chest, abs, cardio, wings - only a month, so I had to pick the strategic ones. Oh - well

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