Sunday, December 16, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 15: Dec 15

Now that I'm officially done with my first semester at Mills I need to work towards the wedding -getting things done:

Went to the city found my self in the middle of santa con - the largest gathering of santas in the world and picked up my new suit and got a shirt.
Went and got wing tipped shoes to match the suit.
Stopped by chase to get checks made.
Got a $4.25 hotdog for $4.00. Merry Christmas!
Went straight to the tailor in El Cerrito to get adjustments made to the suit.
Went to FedEx mailed off the check to the insurance guy.
Got home, at the same time as both my neighbors on either side and met the one on the right side for the first time and had an impromptu meeting right there on the sidewalk about the dope dealers on our street. Sat down for a moment, scarfed down a microwaved burrito, rushed off to SF again to a friends house, ran into Whole foods to grab a bottle of wine. Drove like idiots to the complex in the middle of downtown SF in the middle of holiday season found no parking, drove back to my friends caught a cab and went right back. 
Listened to music by various people in didn't know and a handful I did in a penthouse, remembered that I always wanted to learn the guitar and take singing lessons. Dreamed about having live music at my art shows and wedding. 

Crashed. Had Breakfast.

Watched the game(s)

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