Thursday, December 27, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 25: Dec 25

This is what I woke up to.

literally in front of my new pad.

Shot up Hollywood, machine gun style - engine still running, all the tires blown out, gas pouring from the tank. 

My neighbor came over and helped me put in a gas line so that I could hook up this dryer I've had sitting idle for a month. I'd need it to run for when my family comes and invades my home later in the day. We watched the car sitting there and then walked to Home Depot to get parts for the line, it was strange like dang there's a shot up car but 'we got things to do'. Spent the entire day working on this, from dusk til dawn. I can't thank the guy enough - I seriously have no idea what to get a diabetic, retired contractor, whose wife is a nutritionist. Note: If installation guys charge you less than $200 to get a line installed you're getting a deal. 

the layers of my floor

Family's starting to come in. Picked up the first batch from SFO - the floridians. 

Morning exercises - gotta think about sustaining the aesthetics of the pristine beaches in the far off land I'm about to invade.

Ants invading my house - I had to launch a slaughtering campaign underneath my house - thwarting the ant invasion more urgent bc I have a family invasion coming. 
Covered in webbing, dead bugs, raid and mud I was forced to take a shower. There's something so soothing about warm water flowing over your head and down your body that's both relaxing and creates the perfect haven for thought. It's like the opposite of chinese water torture. The shower is my thought chamber, plus it's the only point in my day where I'm completely alone and there's nothing going on around me. 

I'm gonna marry this chick

Chinatown, Oakland, USA
 in search of duck
 and pastries
raiden fights the cardboard warrior.

Happy Birthday

More family is here

Moms meet for the first time

Circle talk

M-Day Advent Calendar:

On the 25th Day : 

I slept in the last room:

the one where people poo

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justinhong said...

dude that car... and blood all over?? :(