Thursday, December 27, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 26: Dec 26

Increasingly more difficult to find time to sit down to write down thoughts or to even think. My only thoughts are personal pep talks reminding myself that this is good. I don't know what advice I would give a young dude looking to get married. I honestly don't.

Going all day. All day. Crunch time and family time.

Waited for over an hour in line, in the rain, in the cold at Mamas in Nor Be-atch
 Went to get a haircut and it was closed and so was this nearby store I was supposed to visit bc I met the owners randomly at a taco truck. Sad. Closed before I could reach it. 
Found a new random place. The haircut was aw-right
 but I dont really care, it's just a show
and I liked the guy so I'm going back (I'm all about the service, I dont care if the food sucks)
 I invited him over for dinner but he declined. Why? 

I invited my neighbor who helped me all day on my gasline over for dinner and he declined. I said "nexttime." He said "maybe." Why?

Errands: Mills to print stuff and grab supplies, Kinkos, Target, Micheals, Toy R Us, (got a lot done, with a lot of help) and finally back home. 
For the Feast:

And games
 And prizes
 Gearing up

For the chunky, chocolately goodness of the overflowed, clogged toilet, I had to stick my hand down.
(not pictured here)

M-Day Advent Calendar:
holy crap. 2 more days. i'm actually not trippin, I will the day of though. All those movies about runaway brides - I get it. This is the craziest position to be in. I went to a monastery once and I met this woman who was there bc she had cold feet and the dude never forgave her even though later she came to her senses. I feel like temporary insanity is normal. Sometimes you need to go insane for a time to make the right decisions. Those are actually two different versions of insane: one's to run and one's to commit, both are okay. 

On Day 26:

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