Thursday, December 13, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 12: Dec 12

Disasters. If you really think about marriage it's a disaster. Think about the concept; you're asking two people, in our case, who have lived their lives as individual beings for more than 30 years and asking these completely independent forms to come together and become one. I'm someone who could barely take orders without feeling grated or butt hurt. How are you going to tell me to go and fuse with another person and think about things together and make decisions together. I feel like if this were a physics problem: combine 2 things and make it one, it would be impossible. Actually relationally I think it's impossible too, I think maybe the best relationships, the ones we all hope ours would be like are just the best try. If you want it easy, don't get in a relationship or anything committed, seriously, never get married it will be easier - guaranteed. But then without the challenge, without that person looking at you at all times, watching you all the time you'll never be the best you can be, you won't grow towards better. So you choose: easy life (individual) but you'll only be mediocre or challenging life (married) but you'll grow towards better. It's seriously up to you. I'm not saying one's better.

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