Saturday, December 22, 2012

M-Day Countdown Day 21: Dec 21

In junior high I had this girlfriend, her name was J. W. Valentine's Day was approaching so I spent all night working on this homemade card to perfection. I got to school the next day and put it in my locker, waiting for the most opportune time to take it out and give it to her. Then came lunch when I knew we would both be in the locker bay at the same time, I go to my locker dial in the combo, open and pull it out. I stand there card in hand, considering for a moment and then put it back. I never give her the card, I worked so hard on. She cried that day, I never even mention the card. Need-less to say she broke up with me the very next day.

Soon after she became pretty rebellious; drinking, skipping school, taking showers with other girls and this was all in junior high. Finally she was booted to Japan. I'm not saying my decision to not give her that card made her this way but I could've be nicer, and maybe it would've helped a little bit.

Whatever it was that prevented me from giving her the card that day still haunts me today.

Conclusion: I'm gonna need therapy.

M-Day Advent Calendar:

Door 21 hides:
all the people i ever hurt

In this room I slept last night:

the one we piss in